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Global Solutions for SURF

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Global Solutions for SURF

Increased value, services and performance
through project management

Vallourec Pipe Project is proposing broader Global Solutions for SURF (Subsea Umbilicals Risers Flowlines) to bring the client more cost-effective and operational answers in unprecedented times of challenging projects and market turmoil.


While the oil & gas market is experiencing strong pressure due to low oil prices and high operational costs, Vallourec is developing answers to deliver more content and services, beyond the pipe, to help clients lower their cost of ownership. In SURF projects, for example, the most extended Vallourec Global Solutions are tailored to client specifications*.
– Pipes, coating, bends, multi-joints, pipe-end tolerance, J-lay collars, buckle arrestors, pipe in pipe,
cladding, infield flow-lines, export lines, risers.
– Tubes and flying leads for umbilicals and bundles.
– Advanced welding solutions and field joint coating for J-lay, S-lay and reeling, fabrication, spoolbase services.
– Project management.

Project management covers the full scope of expertise of a project and includes logistics for each stage of the pipe cycle, transformation, storage, documentation and administrative handling for port and customs. Vallourec Global Solutions are available worldwide, with rich local content and advanced training programs for project partners.

Vallourec Pipe Projects: ISO 21500 Certification for project management
Vallourec has obtained the ISO 21500 certification for project management in 2015.
ISO 21500 provides high-level description of concepts and processes that are considered to form good practice in project management. New project managers, as well as experienced managers, will be able to use the project management guidance in this standard to improve project success and achieve improved results.

Additional benefits of ISO 21500 include:
– Encouraged transfer of knowledge between projects and organizations for improved project delivery;
– Facilitated efficient tendering processes through the use of consistent project management terminology;
– Flexibility of project management employees and their ability to work on international projects;
– Universal project management principles and processes, applicable everywhere.

Making complex SURF projects easier for the customer
What is the common point between offshore ultra deep projects supplied by Vallourec like Tullow TEN in Ghana, Africa and Stampede, in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico? The complexity and high cost of execution of the project: any delay in, pipe delivery, welding or laying, whether it be for a day or an hour, translates into increased costs for the client, EPC or contractor. Each project is unique, and their pipes have their own exclusive specifications that include dimensions, thickness, tolerance, properties and additional processing.en-solution3-8 Project management is a hands-on process that ensures the client gets the best end-to-end integrity for his products and applications. Vallourec is growing into a key player in Global Solutions with high-level integrated schedule services that aim to increase performance and lower costs.
By integrating schedule throughout a SURF project, Vallourec offers the client concrete value that translates into time and money saved. The first paramount saving is in pipe management: Vallourec can dispatch and follow the pipes from the mill, through coating, double-jointing, pipe in pipe, storage, handling to final delivery and welding on the laying vessel. Making the supply chain easier for the client makes a difference at the end of the day, limiting risks and increasing the quality of the workflow while ensuring a greater control of costs and on time execution. In addition, thanks to its Serimax subsidiary, the world leader in welding solutions, Vallourec is at the firing line, at the installation of the pipe, on the vessels, with record welding times and minimal repair rates that also translate into concrete savings.
By joining forces and resources with the best partners in the industry, Vallourec can tailor and deliver solutions beyond the pipe, working closer to customers throughout their projects thanks to project management and expertise.

Cost-efficiency & risk mitigation: the real value for the customer
Projects easily become extremely expensive with huge risks at stake. Costs are saved by reducing the number of intermediaries in the project as well as by increasing the efficiency of tracking and traceability. Project management also means managing the intermediate phases for the client: coating and pipe and pipe operations; training and monitoring of local partners; faster and better welding and weldability (faster welds save time and money), as well as delivery to the customer where and when he needs the pipes (improved yard and supply chain management). As local logistics are key for efficient execution, Vallourec has developed powerful local clusters and facilities in Brazil, Europe and Indonesia, where Vallourec Pipe Projects can deliver pipe, coating, double jointing and services to optimize and synchronize schedules close to Client project operations.


Dominique Richardot, Managing Director of the Pipe Project Division explains: « With our expertise and experience, we can help customers design, build and manage SURF projects for the whole pipe and welding side of the project. Together with the client, we determine the best technology and services to fit project requirements. We strive to develop and deliver the highest standards of quality and safety for client projects and final applications: improved tube performance, metallurgy expertise, NDT (non-destructive testing), heat treatment, enhanced weldability and welding capabilities, better resistance to corrosion and extreme environments, improved execution, increased durability. We aim at delivering the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for SURF projects. You will find Vallourec experts and engineers near you, everywhere in the world, working with client teams to design the solutions for today and for the future. »

*SURF challenges require the best failsafe solutions. Vallourec offers tailored solutions for all SURF applications, with a wide range of premium products and services dedicated to projects.

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