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VAM® celebrating 50 years of
pioneering and innovation!

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VAM® celebrating 50 years of <br> pioneering and innovation!

In 1965, Vallourec revolutionized pipe connections by launching
the first VAM® product, a premium joint that would transform tubing and casing standards in the world of Oil & Gas. At the
time, customers were seeking a better connection, mainly for gas production, with high sealing ability and improved reliability.
VAM® turned out to be the perfect “metal-to-metal” gas tight connector, offering unparalleled performance.

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VAM®, a Vallourec brand, is an acronym built from the «V» of Vallourec and the initials of « Alexandre Madrelle », the engineer in charge of the project. VAM® is a threaded premium connection that not only reached the highest technical requirements but has also proven to be simple, rugged and easy to use at the rig site, no matter what the complexity.
As the market progressed into increasingly challenging and extreme environments, the range of VAM® products was reinforced to include over 30 dedicated connections that have proven durable and reliable, as well as fully integrated services through Vallourec global solutions. VAM® has delivered beyond expectation and has grown to become one of the most acknowledged solutions in the industry!

50 years of meaningful connections
For 50 years, VAM® premium connections have connected more than just pipe and tubes: they have connected people, projects and countries! Through every project, VAM® teams have worked alongside oil & gas operators, to improve well design and well integrity. The expertise of our 6 R&D centers combined with the proximity of our VAM field service experts, and the reliability of our worldwide VAM® licensee network, succeeded in building a benchmark for safer operations and ultimate well performance.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of VAM® with a dedicated web platform
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of VAM® with our customers, employees and partners around the world, we are launching a dedicated web platform: “Our VAM® stories”.
This interactive platform will be running throughout 2015 and is open to contributions from all who have played a part in the history of VAM®. It’s a fun and interactive site, filled with VAM® stories. Participants can actively contribute, share their experience and testimonials, share a tweet or a picture, find out more about the product family and services, as well as participate in our anniversary contests for a chance to win prizes all year-round!

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