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The smart digital technology
for welders, by Serimax

CleverScan is a laser profiling and user-friendly software solution, designed by Serimax to ensure a trouble free sorting and fit-up of your pipes, providing the best welding results, whatever the application.

Improving productivity and minimizing non-quality related costs is a key focus in the Oil & Gas industry: repeated processes must be optimized, fast and reliable to speed up execution and reduce the overall cost of a project.  Pipeline welding is typically a repetitive process, in which pipe sorting and pipe-end preparation can be time consuming and a source of problems, flaws, repairs or slowdowns.

Introduced in 2015, CleverScan was specifically designed to help customers solve recurring problems during pipeline installation related to out-of-roundness at pipe ends (weld cut outs, poor quality welds, rejected welds, production stopped in the bead stall…). It is an optimal, accurate and quick measurement tool, with state-of-the-art software, all packed in a simple tablet and a user-friendly interface. CleverScan checks pipe-end dimensions with advanced analysis to propose solutions that include quality control, linepipe sorting and pipe end-to-end fit-up, based on digital measurements and simulations.

Whether a project has large tolerance levels, with low-specification pipe or a project has the most stringent specifications for groundbreaking offshore application, welding operations impact the execution-time and cost of the project.  Minimizing risk and improving welding flow are key: by integrating additional measurement services, CleverScan helps anticipate project planning and improve welding operations.
In 2015 and 2016, CleverScan has a proven record of increasing welding productivity and supporting on-time delivery of projects in vastly different applications around the world, in Texas, the North Sea, Kazakhstan and Asia Pacific.

Turnkey solutions evolving in 2017
In late April 2017, the CleverScan family will be gearing up a level, to provide a bevel measurement solution for the most challenging projects. This new edition of CleverScan features 360° bevel measurement with laser profilometry, which is ideal for onsite welding, providing customers with optimal fit-up and guaranteeing that all bevels are approved before welding. This new solution reinforces the reliability and accuracy of quality controls for the most demanding requests, namely Clad Pipelines and Steel Catenary Risers, where root pass welding is highly impacted by the quality of the bevel itself.

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