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VAM® Engineering Services
for support beyond the pipe

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VAM® Engineering Services <br> for support beyond the pipe

In the past decade, operators with general questions about VAM® connections and Vallourec pipes have grown fond of ‘Mr. HELP’, relying on the free web-based technical support platform for quick answers. Today, Vallourec is going one step further, with VAM® Engineering Services, designed to bring in-depth, answers to more specific questions and issues, at the heart of engineering and design.

For over ten years, Mr. HELP has been supported by technicians and R&D specialists, who have answered thousands of technical inquiries related to common topics, from make-up to running, from pipe materials to connection performance. Vallourec’s platform has grown immensely popular amongst customers, both end-users and OFS, around the world.

In some instances, however, questions go beyond the common, requiring preliminary studies, design optimization or analysis to assess and reinforce well integrity. In response to customer expectations for support in more complex and challenging projects, Vallourec launched ‘VAM® Engineering Services’. While ‘Mr. HELP’ remains focused on routine inquiries, ‘VAM® Engineering Services’ can provide made to measure engineering studies. Access to both platforms is seamless and VAM® users can find a gateway to VAM® Engineering Services through Mr. HELP.

To improve well integrity and optimize performance
Oil & Gas operations have grown increasingly complex over the years, as well as more demanding with stringent quality assurance requirements. Questions by VAM® users now call for deeper expertise by VAM® engineers, from design (accessory design validation, performance calculation, well optimization) to post-operations analysis (destructive or non-destructive testing for used parts). Renaud de Lapeyrière, Vallourec Global Solutions, Development Director, explains: “You see, each well design is unique, involving a great number of items, casings, connections and accessories that don’t just need to fit together, they need to be 100% compatible, offer perfect sealing, and share the same mechanical properties”. Vallourec has brought together resources from its R&D centers and testing facilities, into this innovative VAM® Engineering Services platform. This Premium technical support solution provides a quick, comprehensive range of expertise at cost-effective rates.

Charles Dubourg, Services Business Development Manager, continues: “Accessories, for instance, are not traditionally manufactured by Vallourec but they must have the same performance levels and technical properties as the OCTG items. Our engineers have the competency to review well and accessory designs and assist in optimizing dimensions or parameters, especially for threads and interfaces.”

To save time and money
Renaud de Lapeyrière adds: “In particular cases, customers need to evaluate the lifespan of a well, or assess risks linked to ageing. In an old well, which has been producing for decades, the customer may want to know if they can extend the well life and safely produce for an additional period of time with the existing infra-structure. Based on data collected in the well, VAM® experts can generate FEA (finite element analysis) simulations of mechanical constraints, with tests and drawings, to assess the actual levels of mechanical resistance following corrosion or deterioration of VAM® connections and associated pipes.”

Charles Dubourg emphasizes: “When we work together from a project’s earliest stages, well optimization can allow the customer to save time and money.” With already over 100 advanced studies handled by VAM® Engineering Services, Vallourec is ready to help you reduce installation time, increase safety, enhance quality and improve well integrity.



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