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Vallourec Global Solutions
Making our customer’s life easier

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Vallourec Global Solutions <br> Making our customer’s life easier

Vallourec has developed a vast array of Global Solutions over the years, both to offer high value services and to reduce operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO). Customer convenience is at
the heart of these services which can include yard
operations, logistics and coordination, threading, testing
and inspection, coating and welding, designed to deliver
quality and time saving solutions, beyond tubular products.






In all operations, Vallourec has developed leaner management, smarter and faster solutions, simpler execution, dynamic and cost-efficient approaches. Vallourec’s answers have grown to adapt to all oil & gas priorities: rig-ready products, with yard management that includes all connections and accessories, as well as threading, inspection and VAM® Field Services for drilling and OCTG. For offshore projects, Vallourec delivers coating, reeling, on-vessel welding, field joint coating, all for reduced line pipe-laying time with record low repair rates, ensuring saved time and costs. Vallourec’s Global Solutions can meet client expectations through a vast network of facilities and partners worldwide. These very concrete services are adapted to the specifics of each area or project profile and include One Stop Shops, spoolbases, well coordination, service hubs and licensee networks that offer service capabilities from the mill to the well.

Customer services worldwide
Vallourec has set up One Stop Shop capabilities throughout the world, bringing together a wealth of services in a single spot in response to customer requirements. Every hub has its own specialties and accommodates services for drilling, OCTG or line pipe, working in synch with customers, often coordinating with partners and suppliers to facilitate information flow, simplify the supply chain, ensure the highest quality and safety while improving efficiency. Gathering all parts and accessories in a single location and conducting testing, inspection and shipping in a single rational way means the customer gets exactly the parts he needs with rig-ready or lay-ready solutions that improve execution, decrease rig or barge time and save costs. Vallourec has One Stop Shop capabilities from its own proprietary sites as well as through powerful local players. Whether in Europe and Africa, the Middle East and Asia, in North and South America, Vallourec can deliver world class solutions.

One Stop Shop capabilities in Europe and the Middle East
Vallourec has developed One Stop Shop services in the Netherlands, with partners and service providers to manage the complete drill string lifecycle for customers. Everything essential to preparing the drill pipe for its next operation; inspection, re-hardbanding, rethreading and accessories, is available in one place at the lowest cost. With over 50 years of experience in the Netherlands, Vallourec can offer the highest standards of quality and fast delivery, constituting one of the most reliable options in Europe for new and repaired equipment. Vallourec has now set up a similar base of operations in Abu Dhabi. Abdias Alcantara, Services Business Development Director for Vallourec Drilling Products said: “We get praise for how fast we can do the job. Customers can send us a truck with a piece to repair and they are able to drive back to the field with the repaired piece the same day.”  In addition to our services, Vallourec offers a variety of drilling accessories and yard management for inventory. The One Stop Shop is adaptable to all projects and client orders, guaranteeing improved supplier schedule and coordination.

One Stop Shop in Vitória, Brazil
In Brazil, Vallourec has set up a vast One Stop Shop facility in Vitória, very close to the coast, which brings together seamless pipe supply (from the Belo Horizonte – Barriero and Jeceaba sites), large diameter welded pipe and coating facilities from TSA and welding expertise from Serimax, to answer all customer needs for onshore and offshore line pipe projects.

In addition to anti-corrosive pipe coating and thermal insulation, the Vitória site can provide welding qualifications, double jointing and field joint coating. Hildeu Dellaretti Junior, Projects Sales Director at Vallourec Brazil, explains: “Here’s an example of value creation: we are answering client expectations by offering 24.4-meter long pipes with double jointing instead of the traditional 12.2-meter long pipes that the contractor would have to weld and coat on the barge or at its spoolbase. We help save 50% of field joint coating (FJC), which is a critical path of the operation, reduce vessel operating time, increase quality and inspection levels, and considerably mitigate risks. For welding, we are now seeking a single welding qualification, at a spoolbase for instance, to further simplify and enhance our offer”. Diego Almeida, Marketing Coordinator at Vallourec Brazil, continues: “By reducing spoolbase operation time and eliminating 50% of FJC, for example, we are reducing customer TCO, but, more importantly, we are delivering solutions with increased flow assurance and product integrity.” Vallourec’s One Stop Shop Brazil is growing to include complementary services, yard and pipe management, and advanced project management.

A powerful hub in Batam, South-East Asia
At the other end of the world, in Batam, just across from Singapore, Vallourec P.T. Citra Tubindo (PTCT) has grown into a world-class partner of Vallourec, offering global solutions throughout the Asia Pacific area. From PTCT’s facilities in Batam, Indonesia, Vallourec can provide heat treatment, thread VAM® premium connections and oil-field accessories and provide a wide range of services and logistics solutions to cover the tubular needs of Oil & Gas customers. In addition to OCTG, the scope of services has expanded vastly to include global solutions for linepipe projects. Amongst the services offered by Vallourec and PTCT, we find a full range of non-destructive testing facilities including a new ultra-sound test bench to ensure 100% quality control. Last but not least, Vallourec can handle all the yard management logistics for optimal ­customer storage and shipping organization.

Serimax delivers powerful solutions around the world
As the challenges faced by customers worldwide constantly change, Serimax continues to innovate, developing and applying new technologies and processes which meet these challenges head on. Its spoolbase operations at Evanton in the UK, Orkanger in Norway, Mobile in the USA and Dande in Angola provide tremendous reeling capability. On-vessel welding capabilities for J-lay and S-lay provide the most cutting edge technologies with the lowest repair rates in the world. Serimax offers specialized welding solutions for high grade steels which are used in some of the most challenging ultra deepwater or arctic environments. Our global welding solutions change the game for complex offshore projects and definitely save execution time and costs for our customers.

Whilst research and development teams design and create innovative solutions to support next-generation opportunities for Oil & Gas exploration and production, our engineers and technicians ensure that our on barge execution and reeling capabilities are efficient and cost-effective to meet the challenges our clients face today – and tomorrow.

Ready for the future
Vallourec’s Global Solutions and One Stop Shop capabilities bring us closer to the customer. Our offer now far exceeds customer expectations as we deliver so much more. With projects that are particularly cost and time sensitive in today’s harsh market conditions, it is paramount to provide solutions that make the customer’s life easy and trouble-free. Vallourec can provide answers from a very early stage, for well and accessory design, all the way to well completion. We have proven our proximity capacities by setting up local threading facilities in Africa, double-jointing bases in Europe and Brazil, for example, or by partnering with TechnipFMC and managing their spoolbases. We have developed lean and efficient yard management by encompassing all assets within a same location, minimizing handling and transportation costs. Our expertise aims at ensuring well integrity and lower TCO: at the heart of our products and services, you will always find quality and safety. “This is why Vallourec can best manage your tubes, connections, and services from the mill to your yard, and all the way down your wells and strings”, says Didier Hornet, Senior Vice President, Development & Innovation. “Vallourec knows how to handle, prepare and deliver so your execution on the rig is quick, smooth, safe and efficient.”

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