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North America Spotlight
on well coordination services

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North America Spotlight <br> on well coordination services

Today, Vallourec Tube Alloy delivers more value than ever.
Well coordination guarantees saved time and lower total cost
of ownership (TCO).

Oil & Gas companies are looking for the most efficient technical solutions to reach deeper wells, ensuring well integrity while cutting costs. Amongst Vallourec’s Global Solutions, well coordination involves the preparation of a complex array of tubular goods, connections, accessories and services at a single point, managing information flow to ensure timely delivery, yard logistics, quality control and synchronized scheduling across the supply chain.

Vallourec Tube Alloy delivers a full range of accessories, specifically developed to meet the challenging demands of complex offshore Oil & Gas projects, initially in the Gulf of Mexico, and more recently in south-east Asia, with a newly opened facility in Singapore.

From the mill to the well: quality and customer intimacy
While VAM® connections are renowned for their reliability and performance, they are high tech products that must be properly handled, transported, stored, installed and sometimes repaired. “No one knows VAM® like VAM®“, says Chris Hebert, Sales Director, North America, Vallourec Tube Alloy. “That’s one of the reasons customers have entrusted us to integrate more and more services upstream and downstream from the manufacturing to the running, from the mill to the well, beyond pipes and connections.” Vallourec Tube-Alloy sought a logistics solution and partnered with Offshore Energy Services to ease some of the challenges across the entire value chain with an integrated solution, from its strategic location in Houma, Louisiana, just an hour away from the biggest offshore bases in the Gulf of Mexico. “Vallourec has developed a new level of customer intimacy,” as Todd Davies, Account Manager at Vallourec Tube Alloy, explains: “I’m communicating with all our partners, on a daily basis, to coordinate operations: we’re talking to end users, OFS, distributors, trucking companies, supply chain groups, completion and drilling engineers, as well as field service and technical support teams. This brings customer intimacy to a whole new level: in barely 7-8 years, we have really grown into well coordination specialists.”

Guaranteeing well integrity and lowering costs
Chris Hebert continues: “We’re helping our customers lower their TCO in very concrete ways. We look for hidden costs or costs associated to transportation, transactions, intermediaries, reducing the number of touches for a single part and any redundant operations. For transportation, for example, we have cut down mileage, redrawn routes, optimized truck loads; trucks are spending less time on the road, which means increased safety and reduced transport liability. We’ve cut our carbon footprint by 30% and achieved a near 50% reduction of transportation costs. For inspections, we’ve gone from multiple inspections at different sites to a single crew, at a single location, just before final delivery. We have simplified access to products and services, by managing the coordination off one single desk. In addition, we’ve improved the utilization of customer inventory: this year alone we have been able to reduce storage goods by 75%. We’re probably at $750,000 savings using inventory goods that had been sitting around for about a year.” Vallourec Tube Alloy is part of the Global Solutions strategy of Vallourec and is still exploring further possibilities to optimize time, standardize all pre-rig operations, and reduce costs.

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