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Forged completion landing string
addresses industry challenges

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Forged completion landing string <br> addresses industry challenges

To better address operator requirements for completion landing strings, Vallourec developed a drill pipe based solution which offers improved performance and cost benefits when compared to existing systems.

By combining three innovative features, Vallourec has developed a completion landing string which offers large drift diameter, high working pressure, and higher gas tightness performance, thanks to the VAM® Express-M2MTM connection.

A completion landing string is generally an assembly of seamless pipe with gas tight connections used in deep offshore wells for diverse operations, such as sending instrumentation downhole, performing well testing, and for other completion and intervention operations at different times during the lifetime of the well. The most important function of the landing string is to provide a gas-tight conduit between the seabed and the platform, where tools can be lowered and fluids circulated. Using a completion landing string also allows operators to perform pre-analysis of hydrocarbons, to evaluate the value of completing the well. These operations are, by definition, complex and expensive, so operators are continuously seeking solutions to improve their economic and operational performances.

Large drift diameter
The latest technical requirements for completion landing strings require the drift diameter to reach a minimum of 6 in. to retrieve the BOP plug. Vallourec’s premium forged pipe PFPTM manufacturing technology makes it possible to produce integral shaped pipe with a variable outside diameter, preserving the metallurgical integrity of the pipe by getting rid of the weld. The higher tensile capacity achieved by forging allows us to offer larger outside-diameter pipe (7 5/8 in. versus 6 5/8 in.) with flush inside diameters (up to 6 1/4 in.) without having to reduce the inside diameter to compensate for the weld. This large internal diameter reduces the pressure and hydraulic horsepower requirements for circulating drilling fluids, viscous pills and cement and thereby optimizes hydraulic performance.

Gas-tight connection
The VAM® Express-M2MTM connection is a drill pipe based, double-shoulder, gas-tight connection with a metal-to-metal rotary seal technology.  This double-shoulder connection distinguishes from other double-shoulder connections because of its higher torque capacity, which averages 150% to 200% more than an API connection. The VAM® Express-M2MTM provides the highest gas-tight operating envelope in the industry; qualified up to 30,000 PSI internal pressure and 25,000 PSI external pressure.

Cost benefits
Drill pipe based landing strings are more cost effective to run compared to alternative solutions, because they are compatible with conventional drill pipe handling equipment. Additionally, they are faster to make-up, more resistant, resisting up to 100 make and breaks, and they can be used for drilling if needed. The weld free design, reduces production time and cost compared to welded or machined assemblies.

The combination of these features provides operators and drilling contractors with a cost effective and flexible solution to use the same tubular string for both drilling and completion operations, without compromising performance or safety.



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