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Vallourec Stronger and more competitive

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Vallourec Stronger and more competitive

Over the past two years, Vallourec has undertaken a profound transformation plan. Through the structural reduction of its cost base, the Group has developed into a global, leaner and more competitive organization, with a balanced industrial footprint,
close to its strategic markets and customers.

Within the framework of this transformation, innovation remains more than ever a path to progress and success. As a market leader, Vallourec is committed to innovative new products, services and solutions to support customers for all their tubular needs. Developing sales and new growth drivers across the entire range of Vallourec’s offer, is a key objective. The new organization is structured around 4 regions, each with their own commercial and industrial operations. The global growth strategies for all product lines and the development of the Group’s industrial footprint, will be organized across two new central departments: Development & Innovation (D&I) and Technology & Innovation (T&I).

Europe and Africa
Our European production facilities offer the widest range of tubular products in the world, including high value added products and services. The stream-lining of our operations preserves this expertise and ensures competitiveness to serve both the technical challenges of our European markets and new opportunities in Africa. You will find several examples of our solutions in the focus article on Africa.

Middle East and Asia
The recent acquisition and integration of Tianda Oil Pipe gives Vallourec a highly competitive production hub to supply the domestic Chinese market and export worldwide, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. With heat treatment, threading facilities and one stop shop capabilities across the region, Vallourec can support its customers with a full range of Global Solutions.

North America
In 2015 and 2016, Vallourec’s operations in North America underwent significant streamlining to improve competitiveness and adapt to the sharp fall in demand caused by the oil price crash. As leader on the North American market, our local production facilities are already responding as the market recovers, providing the flexibility and responsiveness to address customer needs with short lead times, high value and creative solutions.

South America
The merger of its two Brazilian entities into a single powerful unit, Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil, provides a second highly competitive production hub to serve domestic customers as well as worldwide customers with high-end products and solutions. It also highlights the strong and fruitful partnership between Vallourec and NSSMC.

Through its bold policy and actions, Vallourec is providing new, operational and highly efficient answers to its most demanding customers.



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