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Scott Granger, R&D engineer
at Vallourec Drilling Products

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Scott Granger, R&D engineer <br> at Vallourec Drilling Products

Scott graduated in December of 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M and soon after he joined Vallourec. Ever since, Scott has been a key team member of Vallourec Drilling Products, participating in the teams that introduced the TM2, TM4 and the popular VAM® Express™. His experience and expertise have proved invaluable for product support and ongoing projects. His exceptional problem solving skills and his outstanding technical input to Vallourec has contributed significantly to the success of our products.

Scott explains: “Eighteen years ago, I started as a product engineer at OMSCO, which was acquired by Vallourec in 2006. I started out as a product engineer working with product drawings and documentation, moved to the Vallourec Research Center in Aulnoye, France, working on connection R&D, then drill string optimization, and finally moved back to Houston. Throughout my eighteen years at Vallourec, I’ve been fortunate to work with different teams and departments in the United States and in France, allowing me to call Vallourec not only my place of work but my family. Within Vallourec, I’ve been able to improve my knowledge to better advise my team and our customers. Vallourec has always supported my professional career path, helping me learn more about how our product is manufactured and used. I must say I enjoy attending conferences and being part of committees, including the API, which helps me develop professionally.”

Growing with Vallourec
Scott is now an R&D expert at Vallourec Drilling Products, responsible for Drill String Engineering and product and project support since 2010. Drill String Engineering is a service which supports high performing drill string design for specific drilling and landing program objectives. The service focuses on providing customers with the best drill string solution for their specific operations. This involves listening to the customer to understand the details of their project and operations; then generating simulations with different drill string designs to eventually provide the customer with an optimized solution. Thanks to this service, Scott is able to understand the customer’s challenges, spot trends, compare products, and propose the best customized solution. Scott proves how client intimacy and trust are crucial to delivering value, making Vallourec a true solution provider beyond the pipe.

Drill string engineering includes tests and field trials of many of Vallourec’s products, including Hydroclean, Shale Drill pipe, and landing string projects. It also contributes to finding the best solutions to customer claims. With over 150 studies made for clients throughout the world, Scott’s contribution has helped our customers mitigate risks and increase reliability when choosing a drill string.

Work Life Balance
Scott concludes: “When not at work, I dedicate my time to my family, to my wife Isabelle and daughters Coline, 4, and Berenice, 2. It is a wonderful and unique experience to raise my girls both in France and in the US. It’s true that my job is challenging, but giving all my attention to the girls can take up just as much energy and patience!”

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