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CLEANWELL® DRY 2 saves you time
and money and protects the environment

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CLEANWELL® DRY 2 saves you time <br> and money and protects the environment

First developed in 2000, to comply with OSPAR1 recommendations for the North Sea, CLEANWELL® was designed to replace the most commonly used thread compound, API modified dope, which contains heavy metals. Regularly upgraded and improved, Vallourec’s latest development of CLEANWELL® DRY 2 goes well beyond the replacement of thread compounds.
CLEANWELL® DRY 2 is applied directly at the mill after machining the threads: it reduces pipe handling operations, rig running time, the environmental impact and improves rig safety. Whatever the conditions
– offshore and onshore, in low temperatures of the arctic or high temperatures of the desert – CLEANWELL® DRY 2 is leaner, faster, cleaner and safer than traditional thread compounds.

CLEANWELL® DRY 2 multi-functional coating technology is specifically developed for VAM® connections to replace both storage and running compounds (dope). Applied directly in Vallourec mills on the surface of pin and box threads of VAM® connections CLEANWELL® DRY features:

– Anti-corrosion and anti-galling metal plating on pin and box to protect the steel from corrosion along the product
..life and improve its anti-galling performances
– A soft wax-type lubricant coating on the box for increased running performances.

1 – OSPAR Commission to protect the North East Atlantic and its resources www.ospar.org/work-areas/oic


CLEANWELL® DRY 2 has been designed to totally replace storage and running compounds, simplifying the storage operations even in challenging climatic conditions. Thanks to its proven corrosion resistance properties, the connection can be stored for more than 2 years on a yard without specific maintenance requirements.

By replacing the need for running compounds, CLEAN-WELL® DRY 2 delivers significant operational advantages to reduce rig time and generates important cost savings. We estimate that running time can be reduced by 20% compared to standard VAM® connections.

Reduced reject and back-out rate

With CLEANWELL® DRY 2 make-up operations are more consistent, improving the make-up rate at first attempt from a typical 97% to 99% (including back-out and rejects). Non productive time related to failed make-up is reduced.

– By applying CLEANWELL® DRY 2 at the mill, Vallourec is able to standardize the process and ensure the
..quality of the product
– CLEANWELL® DRY 2 metal plating has very strong resistance to galling, whatever the steel grade

Make-up graphs are much more repeatable: no risk related to application of too much or too little dope (too little dope leads to lack of lubrification and risk of galling, too much leads to dope pressure and unacceptable make-up graph). With CLEANWELL® DRY 2 the connection can be used even if contaminated with mud, water or dope.

Faster make-up
Casing connections with CLEANWELL® DRY 2 can be made up at up to 30 RPM compared to 10 to 20 RPM for conventional connections. “This outstanding performance is achieved thanks to the unique engineering of the CLEANWELL® DRY 2 coating which protects the metal surface of the connection to prevent galling whatever the grade” says Thibault Mathon, R&D leader in charge of CLEANWELL® DRY 2 development.

Improved well productivity
Removing the use of running compounds eliminates problems such as equipment plugging and formation damage caused by using too much or too little dope, thereby improving the overall productivity of the well. This is particularly important for highly deviated wells and wells using ICD (Inflow Control Devices).

Improved safety
With CLEANWELL® DRY 2, operators provide safer and cleaner workplaces for the rig crew. By removing the need for storage and running compounds, CLEANWELL® DRY 2 ensures that the rig site is cleaner and safer. Pipe handling operations and associated risks are reduced. The pipe thread and seal is clean and easy to inspect.

Reduced environmental impact
API modified dope contains heavy metals which are hazardous to health and the environment. Whilst alternative compounds are available they present two major drawbacks:

– higher galling sensitivity on grades such as 13Cr, Super 13Cr and corrosion resistant alloys.
– poor sealability performance of the connections at temperatures above 170°C.

Unlike other thread compounds, CLEANWELL® DRY 2 is a corrosion-resistant, anti-galling metal plating which is applied at the mill. There is no discharge and no environmentally hazardous material. It is fully compliant with the latest recommendations of the OSPAR commission, suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.


Corrosion resistance
A large number of tests were performed to measure the corrosion resistance of CLEANWELL® DRY 2 in the most severe environments. These accelerated lab test in critical condition validated temperature range from -60°C up to +70°C.

– The VDA 233-102 testing method alternates salt spray, humid and freezing phases with high moisture and
..thermal cycling during 8 one-week cycles. It generates high corrosivity and high internal stresses
..at the substrate/coating interface.
> VAM® 21 CLEANWELL® DRY 2 performance was excellent, with no sign of corrosion after 8 weeks of accelerated corrosion

VAM® 21 CLEANWELL® DRY 2 after VDA 233-102 testing

– The Gazprom test involves testing connections to thermal shocks (down to -60°C) and to
..high temperature/pressure water-jets to simulate behavior of frozen connections
> Climatic tests confirm that CLEANWELL® DRY 2 is not affected by cold and can be used in extreme low temperatures, down to -60°C.

Storage lifetime
Two sites were selected to replicate field exposure and long time storage in the worst case conditions.
– Dunkerque was selected due to its corrosive urban marine atmosphere and temperate climate
..(category C3 according to the ISO 9223:2012 standard).
– Dubai was selected for its dry and very hot climate.

VAM® 21 CLEANWELL® DRY 2 pin after 24 months storage in Dunkerque

> After more than 2 years exposure, the threads are in excellent condition. The storage test is still on-going to determine the full product lifetime.
> CLEANWELL® DRY 2 can be stored for more than 2 years whatever the conditions without deterioration. It proves that CLEANWELL® DRY 2 is totally rig ready and does not require any maintenance during storage.

Sealability tests
In order to validate the sealability performance of a connection, the reference standard is API RP 5C5 4th edition – 2017 – Procedure for testing casing and tubing connections. It is currently the most demanding qualification available, certifying premium connection performance. This protocol guarantees the sealing of the connections by testing complex combinations of loads to simulate extreme downhole situations. This revised edition requires most of the tests to be carried out at high temperature.

Make-up and break-out tests
In accordance with API RP 5C5 to evaluate the anti-galling performance of connections under lab conditions, a minimum of 3 make-up and break-out (M&B) are required on casing without reject, and 10 M&B for tubing. CLEANWELL® DRY 2 was tested up to 5 M&B for casing and 15 M&B for tubing.
No dope or lubricant was added, and even after 15 M&B the connections were still acceptable for further make-up. The threads were in perfect condition.

> CLEANWELL® DRY 2 showed make and break perfor-mance far above API RP 5C5 requirements demonstrating its capacity for faster and more reliable make up.

Rig tests and field tests
Representatives from major and local oil and gas companies were invited to attend rig tests in Stavanger, Norway to witness the performances and the benefits of the new CLEANWELL® DRY 2 coating optimized for VAM® 21 connections.
During the operations at the rig, VAM® Field Service technicians conducted a series of trials pushing the limits of the VAM® 21 with CLEANWELL® DRY 2 demonstrating the excellent make-and-break performances and the robustness of the solution in different configurations.
Most participants agreed that the combination of CLEAN-WELL® DRY 2 with VAM® 21 will reduce the environmental impact, improve the running efficiency by avoiding cleaning and doping operations and will in addition solve various dope related issues.
More rig demonstrations are scheduled for 2017. Please contact your Vallourec sales representative if you wish to attend.

CLEANWELL® DRY 2 usage on the field
Over 4 million feet of CLEANWELL® DRY  have been run since 2005. Onshore or offshore, in freezing cold or un bearably hot operating environments, the running performance has always exceeded customer expectations.
> Field proven benefits
According to VAM® Field Services, the back-out and reject rates of VAM® 21 CLEANWELL® DRY 2 are divided by 2 when compared to VAM® 21 standard (dope version).

In summary, the main advantages of CLEANWELL® DRY 2 are:
– Totally dry and non sticky
– Clean: no plugging, no discharge
– No galling
– Corrosion resistant
– Excellent lubrication properties in hot or cold environments
– Ensures perfect sealability of VAM® Connections
– Reduces handling, improves safety
– Environmentally friendly


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