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Shaped Pipes: custom made
for every one of your projects

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Shaped Pipes: custom made  <br> for every one  of your projects

Shaped Pipes are an innovative, cost-effective solution to replace hard to weld forgings with ready integrated accessories in offshore pipe lengths.

Typically, line pipes have a constant outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID) and wall thickness (WT) onto which various forged accessories are then welded: buckle arrestor, J-Lay collar, anchor, tapered joint, upset ends, offshore structures, etc. Shaped Pipes, instead, are designed with geometrical variations along the pipe length that already integrate these hard to weld components.
Today, Vallourec is capable of providing pipes in all shapes and sizes from its unique pipe forge and patented ‘Premium Forged Pipes®‘ process in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France. Our innovative offer of Shaped Pipes provides the offshore line pipe market with accessories already incorporated in the pipes, to project specification, tolerances, diameter and thickness … perfectly tailored to client designs and requests!
The Shaped Pipe initiative from Project Line Pipe is an idea born from collective team work, a passion for heavy industry, customer feedback and collaborative R&D. Vallourec now offers the offshore line pipe market with unique, non-standard, customized pipes. Shaped pipes can vary and be bulbous, oval, chunky and conical, depending on the forged component, the customer’s request and the final application.


A concrete example: the buckle arrestor

Its function is to stop the propagation of collapse during the laying of line pipes and for that, the wall thickness of the pipe is increased along certain sections where necessary. The standard process involves adding short, heavier forged components that are then welded to the pipe. This method can be twice as expensive as our Shaped Pipes solution. In Aulnoye-Aymeries, we integrate the buckle arrestor directly within the shaped pipe, in a single step. It’s more cost efficient and project friendly than any other solution.



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