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Patricia Niemi brings dedication, positivity
and passion to Human Resources

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Patricia Niemi  brings dedication, positivity <br>and passion to Human  Resources

Patricia works in Human Resources, handling employee relations, policy implementation and employment law compliance, for everything regarding Vallourec USA Corp employees and expats throughout North America.

Prior to earning her Bachelor’s degree in Management with a Human Resources Track from the University of Houston, she served in the Air Force for seven years as a Structural Journeyman. Patricia was stationed in Grand Forks, North Dakota as well as Ramstein, Germany. She was deployed to Oman during Operation Enduring Freedom, assigned to a team that built hardened shelters for pilots. Patricia’s military background provides a foundation for her sense of service, passion for traveling and love of other cultures.

A passion for people and perfection

After pursuing her degree, Patricia landed an intern-ship with VAM® USA in 2013, during which she worked with different services in a transversal manner. This assignment allowed her to grow professionally, for instance assisting other HR departments at Vallourec Drilling and Vallourec Star Houston and Muskogee. Patricia says, “I enjoy creating structure in policies and procedures and guarantee transparency in answering information needs. It’s very gratifying to be able to streamline processes so our employees can get the help they need, when they need it. I know that unlike policies and procedures, the human aspect is not black and white, so I maintain flexibility and look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.”


Doing her part beyond the job

Assisting people and building morale is key to Patricia. But her compassion and dedication for others extends further: when Hurricane Harvey made landfall last August, disastrously impacting 180 of Vallourec’s 1,000 Houston-based employees and their families, she felt prompted to help and do her part. She was part of the initial team to actualize the fundraising efforts for the Vallourec Employee Disaster Recovery Fund. Several mentors have motivated Patricia throughout her life and career: “My mother is a very strong, positive and independent woman who, at a young age, instilled in me to look at the positives in every experience.” She also points to Vallourec Trina Rauscher-Cooper, VP HR and Dinorah Colmenares, HR director as “an inspiration to come to work and give my very best.” Considering the scope of involvement Patricia leaves in her wake, she has managed to develop new skills by anticipating questions, finding solutions and taking inspired action. Patricia knows a Big Opportunity when she sees one. That’s why she chose Vallourec, to make it possible!


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