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Delivering state-of-the-art welding
services for the Atoll Project in Egypt

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Delivering state-of-the-art welding  <br> services for the Atoll Project in Egypt

Serimax, the Vallourec subsidiary and leader for onshore and offshore welding solutions, successfully completed its mission on Subsea 7’s offshore vessel, Seven Borealis, in the Atoll field, one of the massive gas reservoirs discovered off the coast of Egypt.

The Atoll Development project was awarded to Serimax in late 2016, following the successful delivery of the East Nile Delta project (600 welds). Welding qualifications for the new project began in Serimax’s workshops, in the north of Paris, in early February 2017, and lasted just under four months. Thanks to intensive testing and preparation before launching, Serimax was ready for the challenges on-board the state-of-the-art Seven Borealis pipelaying vessel. Serimax’s team completed over 4,000 welds (50 km of pipe line) with Subsea 7, for the project.
The mission included a full team of welding engineers, operation maintenance teams, as well as all the production equipment. Welding started at the end of August and was completed by the end of September, with a repair rate of less than 0,2%, all on schedule. Serimax used its world-renowned Saturnax 09 welding bug, which was first introduced on board the very same vessel, back in 2012. Through robust project management and operations joined with the vessel’s highly skilled teams, Serimax demonstrated its expertise of welding operations.

Efficiency, flexibility and service

The outstanding performance throughout the welding project was the result of integrated teamwork. That means flawless synchronization between both companies, perfect preparation, qualification but also the dedication of everyone on-board, and constant cooperation for the back-office teams.  Serimax’s offshore package provided a robust and flexible service, the fruit of years of welding experience and training. Serimax’s solutions encompassed the right equipment, skilled personnel, good practices, and the most vigorous qualification processes, to deliver consistently efficient welding operations with low repair rates and the highest level of safety.
What’s more, Serimax was commended for this operational achievement and a team member on-board was even granted a safety award after showing proactivity and excellent safety initiatives. Vallourec and Serimax strive to continually improve project performance and delivery, year after year, in operations, HSE, R&D, innovation and training.

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