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CLEANWELL® delivers outstanding
performance in the Zohr Project

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CLEANWELL® delivers outstanding <br> performance in the Zohr Project

In the south eastern Mediterranean Sea, 190 km off the Egyptian coast, on a drillship operating in water depth of 1,500 meters, Vallourec’s latest CLEANWELL® technology was successfully used by Petrobel* in the Zohr gas field, for running corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) pipes.

The Zohr gas field is the largest ever natural gas discovery in the Mediterranean. To produce gas from the field, Petrobel uses corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) materials containing up to 28% chrome for the production tubing. The cost of CRA material is significantly higher than carbon steel material, and requires specific storage and handling conditions to avoid damages. CRA pipes are subject to galling, so they need to be run much more slowly than carbon steel pipes, to avoid rejects. Faced with these constraints, a technology that protects the pipe, reduces the risk of damage and speeds up running time can generate significant savings in the field.
Vallourec’s CLEANWELL® technology is a multifunctional coating developed by our teams to replace storage and running compounds (dope). Applied directly in our mills after machining VAM® connections, it reduces pipe handling operations, rig running time and environmental impact while improving rig safety for our customers. For CRA materials, CLEANWELL® provides the additional benefit of protecting the connection against galling to ensure faster, smoother and more efficient pipe installation, saving our customers time and money.

VAM® Field Services were on the rig to assist the running crew with the first running of CRA pipes using CLEANWELL®. David Crane, VAM® Field Services Engineer, confirmed: “Running CRA pipe with CLEANWELL® was fantastic compared to standard running compounds. Over 5,000 meters of 7” 28CR with VAM® 21 CLEANWELL connections were run into the wells with not a single reject. Back-outs showed no surface damage and we were able to make-up and break-out with total confidence.”
VAM® 21 with the latest CLEANWELL® technology has been fully tested to API 5C5 2017 CAL IV specifications to withstand the most challenging environments. In addition, CLEANWELL® technology replaces storage and running compounds which are hazardous to health and the environment

* Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel) a joint venture of wholly owned Eni SPA subsidiary IEOC Production BV and Egyptian General Petroleum Corp.



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