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VAM Global Solutions
A length ahead

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VAM Global Solutions <br> A length ahead

Whatever your tubular product needs may be, Vallourec Oil & Gas will take care of everything… This is what VAM Global Solutions is all about and it is offering a new, premium and comprehensive range of solutions from the mill to the well. The aim is to ensure that clients can focus on their core business activity, where the real added value lies. Leaving ideas and basic rhetoric aside, VAM Global Solutions has now become a reality and is incarnated by men and women who are determined to maintain the decisive head start it has over its competitors for years to come. Here are just a few of them and the tasks that they are assigned…


The team

Mathieu Robbe,
Project Director

“Develop customer-driven solutions to complement our OCTG offer”

Caroline Camuset,
Demand Manager
“Propose adapted delivery time options to meet our customers needs”
Antoine Caillard,
Well Design Engineer
“Provide support and advice to our customers in the well design phase”
Arnaud Pardé,
Freight Solutions Manager
“Deliver the right products in good conditions at the right time, at the right place”
Sébastien Cochet,
Application Manager
“Propose application oriented solutions to our customers, including products and services”
Aaron Brammer,
Accessories GeneralSales Manager

“Become the reference supplier of VAM accessories to all customers”

Rafael Perez,
Tubular Essentials Project Manager
“Offer the best education available on tubular products, from conception to completion”
Olivier Mathey,
Accessories Planning Manager
Hartley Taylor,
Supply Chain Project Manager
“Provide customized added value services close to our customers locations”
Anne Bertrand,
Technical Logistics QHSE Manager
“Maintain premium QHSE standards along the whole service chain”
Pierre Lavirotte,
VAM Licencees Business Development Manager
“Optimize our VAM licencees network to better support our customers”
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Connection magazine will look at VAM Global Solutions in greater detail in a future issue.



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